Evaluation Authentication

Faculty of Public Health - Section II
Fanar - Campus Pierre Gemayel

Evaluation Authentication

Authentication Page for Evaluation

Please click here to watch the demo video that will guide you through this application!

  • Please enter your username and password correctly. Passwords are case sensitive.
  • When you access the evaluation form, if you haven't taken a certain course (it must match your academic registration),
    you can disable this course by choosing "untaken = True" located on your left in the application form.
  • Each question is represented by a code (A1; A2; ......;D3).
  • You can click to read the questions (survey) on the pdf icon located on the top of your page. It will open on the next tab of your browser beside the initial tab of your application.
  • You should respond to each question by choosing a grade from 1 to 5.
  • 1 is the better grade and 5 is the worst.
  • Before you quit the application make sure that you have responded to all the records. Otherwise you'll be notified by an angry face that data is missing.
  • Click the button "confirm" down on the page when you finish.
  • When you see the smiley face, it means you've done the job correctly. You can also leave your comments before leaving the application.

    Username: Password:

    (Case are sensitive to capitalization of letters)