Applying for a Master Degree

The Faculty of Public Health announces the extension of acceptance of candidacy applications for all available Master specializations until July 22nd.

Each candidate has the right to apply for an only one master degree (1st optional choice) and to indicate a 2nd choice in the same registration form. If multiple registrations are done for the same candidate all of them will be rejected.

Please read and follow the steps from 1 to 7 below and note that your registration will be rejected if any of the required documents or steps are missing. Our advice is to prepare and scan all the documents requested in the official announcement before completing the registration process.

  1. Read the official announcement on your left and take note of the requested documents.
    Download and fill the following registration form.
    After filling the correct information don't upload this registration form alone but do it with all the documents requested in the official announcement.
    Click here to download the registration form. Keep it in microsoft word format and don't convert it to pdf.

  2. On your personal computer (pc) put all the requested documents in an only one common folder including the downloaded registration word document from step 1.
    Name your folder as indicated below:
    "FirstName.MiddleName.LastName.DateOfBirth (DD.MM.YY)" without spaces only dots separating words.
    Example: Fouad.Jamil.Jaber.24.07.85

  3. On your pc compress your folder using winzip or winrar so you can upload it in step 6. Try to reduce your scanned documents resolution and size for an easier upload. By average your file size should not exceed 21 MB otherwise you may encounter problems while uploading at low speed internet connection.
    Plz rename your folder as it mentioned in step 2 before compressing it (step 3) to avoid the risk of erasing the extension .zip or .rar. Your compressed folder will have one of the two icons below if the process is correct.
    < 21 MB (Minimum scan resolution)

  4. Choose your Target Master Option from the drop down list below & confirm.
  5. Indicate the appropriate branch where your target Master Option is located from the drop down list below.
    (Be careful because for each master option there is (are) specific branche(s) indicated in the official announcement where you can follow your studies)

  6. Click on choose file to browse your compressed zipped folder then click only once on the upload button below.
    The progressing upload percentage (...%) will be visible down the browser page on your left. Please wait patiently until the message "Folder Uploaded Successfully !" pops up. It depends on your internet speed but do not continue to step 7 before seeing the "Folder Uploaded Successfully" message.

  7. Click on this link and send your name, your email, your phone number, your target master degree, the second choice (optional) and write a completion notification like "I have successfully uploaded my compressed folder..." to confirm your candidature or any question or problem you want to report.